Wheel Alignment & Balancing

Combined Tyres & Autocare have invested in some of the best equipment in the industry in order to provide you with the best service possible. As such we are able to offer the following services:

wheel balancing winsford

  • Wheel Alignment

Using the latest in laser technology our wheel alignment equipment at our Winsford depot will check for any misalignment on your vehicle which would cause your tyres to wear down prematurely. We are able to correct the alignment of your wheels to ensure that you get the maximum value for money from your tyres. Come in for a free wheel alignment check and we will be more than happy to help.

  • Wheel Balancing

Our state of the art wheel balancing equipment at our Winsford depot allows us to highlight and correct any balancing issues your wheels may have. Correctly balanced wheels will not only improve the handling of your vehicle and provide a smoother and more comfortable ride.

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