Check Your Tyre Pressures

Regularly checking and adjusting the air pressure in your tyres is very important for a number of reasons. It helps to:

  • Prolong Tyre Life
  • Increase Miles Per Gallon
  • Keep You Safe

An under or over inflated tyre will not last as long as one which has its pressure properly maintained and kept at the appropriate level. A simple check is all it takes to help save you tyre pressure check winsford

Many petrol stations have air lines which allow you to set the pressure you require, and they will then adjust the pressure for you as required. Combined Tyres & Autocare also have some of the best equipment in the industry and you can bring your vehicle to us for a free pressure check. Ideally you should check your tyres when they are cold as the further they travel the warmer they become causing a slight change in pressure.

Over time is it common for a tyre to lose pressure and it is recommended that you check your pressures and adjust them as required once a month. You should consult your vehicle manufacturer handbook for the correct pressure for your vehicle. You can also call us or visit our depot in Winsford for a free tyre check and any further guidance.


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