Check Your Oil Level

The oil in your vehicle plays a vital part in ensuring that your engine runs smoothly. Therefore it should be checked regularly in order to:

  • Prolong Engine Life
  • Improve Performance
  • Avoid Costly Garage Bills

Most vehicles now have an oil warning light which tells you when your oil level is dangerously low, although it is possible that once this light comes on you have already done some damage to your engine. It is advised that you check your oil once a month in order to avoid a costly repair car oil check winsford

A well oiled engine will also run more smoothly and this will actually reduce your cars running costs as less effort is required in order to move engine parts in order to move the car.

To perform a quick visual check consult your vehicle manufacturer handbook to find out where your dipstick is located underneath the bonnet. Remove the dipstick and clean if necessary before placing back into the oil. Remove the dipstick for a second time, and make sure that the oil level is between the minimum and maximum markers on the dipstick. Always consult your vehicle handbook for further information on the correct oil level and type before adjusting.

If you would like a free oil level check please call us or come into our garage in Winsford where a trained technician will be happy to help.

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