Check Your Air Filter

Your vehicle’s air filter works to prevent dirt in the air from getting into your cars engine. They should be checked regularly to:

  • Improve Miles Per Gallon
  • Improve Engine Performance

Air filters become clogged up over time with dirt, especially in winter when the roads are regularly gritted due to icy conditions. A clogged filter not only reduces your car’s fuel efficiency but also reduces the amount of power in your air filters winsford cheshire

It is recommended that you check your filter regularly, and change it approximately every 12,000 miles or as part of your yearly service. Depending on the driving conditions your vehicle is subjected to your air filter may need changing more or less frequently.

To check your filter please consult your manufacturer’s vehicle handbook on the location of your filter under the bonnet. Depending on your make and model detailed instructions can be found online to guide you through removing the casing and checking the filter.

If you would like us to check the condition of your air filter please call us or bring your vehicle to our Winsford depot and a trained technician will be more than happy to do it for you. We stock a wide range of parts for all makes and models and can change your filter quickly and efficiently if required.


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